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Coastline is committed to improving performance in all areas of our business.

We use performance management to help us improve the service we provide to our customers.  It is very important that our staff, and our stakeholders, can see how we are progressing towards the targets we have set out in our business plan. This helps us to understand how well we are providing services to our customers and how close we are to achieving our vision.


The best way of monitoring our progress is to use very specific measures that describe what we're aiming to achieve and help us to decide how we can tackle problems and change things if we need to.  We call these measures key performance indicators (KPI).  We have worked in partnership with our customers, our board members and staff to identify these.


Our performance indicators have been developed to reflect and measure how well we are achieving our four key strategic objectives which are to:

  • Great Homes
  • Great Services
  • Great People
  • Great Foundations

Performance management

Performance management is a process that most companies use to monitor, measure and improve the quality of their services. Good performance management is one way we help customers to obtain what they need from our services. It helps companies to develop plans and direct resources (including money and staff time) towards the services and issues that are most important to customers.


Coastline uses performance management throughout the organisation, reinforcing the group-wide approach to performance management.  It demonstrates to our customers, staff and other key stakeholders:

  • What we are trying to achieve
  • What we have to do to meet our objectives
  • How we will measure our progress towards achieving our objectives
  • How we recognise performance problems and tackle them
  • How will we report our performance

Performance Improvement Plan

Our Performance Improvement Plan (or PIP as we call it) is now embedded in the way that Coastline works and is a strong indicator of our commitment to continuous improvement in all that we do.

We monitor our performance regularly and always try to improve in areas which are not achieving their target. Performance is monitored and reported in the following ways:

  • Executive management team - on a monthly basis
  • Senior leadership team - on a quarterly basis
  • To the board - on a quarterly basis
  • To customers - at Customer Voice quarterly meetings


It is important to us that we are providing a quality service to our customers. We use many different methods to monitor our performance to ensure we are meeting our standards and are providing a service that our customers are happy with. One of the tools we use to measure ourselves is Benchmarking, where we regularly compare our performance with that of similar sized organisations.


Benchmarking against other organisations is very important to ensure that we are providing the same standard of service as our peers, if not better. It also provides us with the opportunity to work with other Housing Associations to share ideas and best practice to ultimately improve our service to you.


Coastline Housing is a member of Housemark, a national benchmarking organisation, jointly owned by the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) and the National Housing Federation (NHF).  Together with other Housing Associations we supply performance information to Housemark.


Benchmarking information is not available for all our performance targets but, where it is, the following colour-code is used:

  • Green - This means that we are in the top 25% (Top-quartile)
  • Amber– This means that we are in the top 50% (2nd quartile)
  • Yellow – This means that we are in the bottom 50% (3rd quartile)
  • Red – This means that we are in the bottom 25% (Bottom quartile)

Our Pledges

Coastline Housing makes a number of pledges to our customers about the services we provide.  These are in six categories:

  • Trust
  • Communication
  • Voice and Influence
  • Acting responsibly
  • Quality
  • When things go wrong

Please read the pledges in full here.


We launched our Coastline Plan and Pledges in a Facebook Live event in July. You can watch it here:



Our involved customers have worked closely with us to make sure these pledges ensure services meet our customers' needs. If you would like to join them, please take a look at the opportunities in our Get Involved section.


We report on how we are doing in CoastLines magazine, at involved customer meetings, and you can download the latest progress by clicking on the links at the foot of this page (note that in 2021 our Pledges replaced Local Offers, reports for which can be found below).


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