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If you are an assured tenant, you have the right to exchange your home with other housing association tenants or local authority secure tenants anywhere in the UK.



Coastline customers can join HomeSwapper free of charge to look for a housing exchange.


It's available on the web and apps for Apple and Android devices.


HomeSwapper has a database of UK tenants who are advertising their homes because they would like to move. When you register, HomeSwapper will search for possible matches and send you the details.


If you do not have easy access to the internet, you can visit our reception at Coastline House to use one of our computers. Please contact us to make an appointment before you visit if you need help using a computer.


Visit the property

Make sure you have visited the home, have viewed all areas and are completely happy with it before applying for the exchange. If you have any queries please contact us for advice. 


For your own safety, if possible, take someone with you for the visit. Make sure that you tell someone where you are going and what time you are expected to return.


Application fee

A £100 payment from each Coastline Housing customer taking part in an exchange must be made before the process is started. This fee is broken down as follows:

  • £25 administration fee
  • £75 safety check fee

The £25 administration fee is non-refundable should any party including Coastline Housing cancel the exchange at any time.


The £75 safety check fee is only refundable if the exchange is cancelled by any party including Coastline Housing prior to the safety checks being carried out.


It is important that you check your eligibility to move prior to making an application, and that the people involved in the exchange are committed to moving.


Rent in advance

Customers must pay rent in advance of one month. We will only complete the mutual exchange once the full rent in advance is paid.



If you are a Coastline customer and have any questions about mutual exchanges please email our Tenancy team at tenancy@coastlinehousing.co.uk



To read our mutual exchange policy and grounds for refusal information please visit our policies page. You do not have the right to exchange if your tenancy is in its probationary period.


When you have found someone you want to swap with, you each need to fill in an application form which can be downloaded at the foot of this page.


You must have permission from us before exchanging, and filling in the forms is the first step in being given this.


For the exchange process to be started you must not have arrears on your rent account.


A housing exchange can sometimes affect your tenancy rights, including the Right to Acquire or Preserved Right to Buy. If you are planning to buy the home you are moving into, you should check with the landlord of the property whether you will be able to do so.


Please ask us for more information if you are thinking of doing a mutual exchange. We can give you the right advice for your own circumstances.


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