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Coastline Housing work placements

Work placements

Coastline assists local people taking steps to make their future more secure by offering work placements.


These eight week placements run twice a year and can help you learn new skills. They include a comprehensive package of training and give real work experience in a supportive environment.


So far, at least 5 out of the 10 people on each round of work placements have gone into work either during or straight after the programme. Many more have secured employment after the placement has ended.


In 2015/16, 44 people successfully re-entered the workplace, 27 went into full time work, 13 went into part-time work, 4 people started apprenticeships, 84 people undertook work related training and 6 people went on to become volunteers. All thanks to our inspiring futures programme!


What can I expect if I secure a work placement?

  • On the job skills development
  • Confidence building
  • A portfolio of training,  including e-learning, data protection and CV building
  • Access to further job search support
  • Expenses funded
  • A full record of achievement and reference
  • Work wear rail
  • Food cupboard providing light lunches and snacks

We work closely with local job centres so if you are currently receiving any means tested benefits these will not be affected by taking part in Coastline's work placement programme.


Don’t just take our word for it …


Each and every placement has their own story to tell and their own achievements to shout from the roof tops, here are just a few to share with you.



Lynn - Development Team


"I left after the eight weeks with refreshed skills, valuable training, more confidence and feeling appreciated. Being with Coastline has helped to restore my self-worth and belief in my abilities.”


Stephen - Grounds Maintenance


“The onsite training by the grounds maintenance team has been first rate, and I'm on my way to becoming a grass cutting Jedi!”


Kevin - Older Persons


"Best bits have been getting to know everyone, whether it’s the staff or the residents. It’s really nice working there, everyone’s closely knit, there’s a close community of staff and everyone bounces off each other. That’s what I’ve really enjoyed about it."


Apply now

If you are currently unemployed and interested in taking part please download and complete the form below. If you are eligible, you will receive an invite to the next awareness event where you can find out more. Priority will be given to Coastline customers.


To ask for further help or to send us a completed form email backtowork@coastlinehousing.co.uk 


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