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Repairs and maintenance


Coastline provides repairs and maintenance services for your home and many neighbourhoods.


Report a repair

Coastline and our contractors carry out a wide range of repairs to your home and communal areas. See our dedicated report a repair page for full details.



This service is provided to help you with maintenance of your home that you are responsible for. This includes things like grass cutting, adjusting and replacing internal doors, and room decoration. Take a look at the Handyline page to see a full list of jobs.



If you need help to live independently in your home, our adaptations page has information on services Coastline and Cornwall Council can provide.


Condensation, damp and mould

If there is damp or mould in your home it is very important that you let us know so we can investigate.


To let us know about damp, mould or extractor fan issues in your property please complete this secure online form.


You can find more information and tips on the many ways to deal with condensation in our Knowledge Base.


In your home

The in your home page has advice on water meters, taking care over asbestos, radon, and legionalla.


Fire safety

For advice about fire safety in your home, smoke alarms, precautions in your garden, and other aspects of fire safety please see our Knowledge Base article.


Grounds maintenance

Coastline is committed as part of our neighbourhood standard to provide an excellent service, which you can read more about on the grounds maintenance page. It includes neighbourhood maps showing the areas we maintain.



This free website and app helps you get things like pot holes and fly-tipping sorted.  It site passes on details to local councils, and can show you if something has already been reported by someone else.


App for Apple 
App for Android 


FixMyStreet covers land and streets where Cornwall Council is responsible, so for anything on Coastline Housing's land please report it through My Coastline.


Contrators Code of Conduct

We have a produced a Code of Conduct for all contractors working on Coastline homes. Click to see a larger image.


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