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Partner Programme


Our Partner Programme is a project which allows current clients to volunteer within the Coastline Homeless Service.

If you choose to volunteer you will become a Partner.


Each Partner has a full induction and starts at a Level 1 volunteer role. There will be the opportunity to progress through 4 levels gaining more responsibility, skills and training as you go.


Partners are fully supported through each level and receive regular supervisions.


The benefits

  • Greater self-confidence
  • Improved self esteem
  • Learning new and developing existing skills
  • Training opportunities
  • A sense of personal achievement
  • Personal development

If you are interested in becoming a Partner please speak to your support worker or the Volunteer and Partner Programme Worker. Alternatively you can pick up and complete an expression of interest form from Chi Winder or download one from the foot of this page.


We offer a number of varied volunteer roles and there’s bound to be something to suit you.


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