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In this section you can make a payment through My Coastline, and find out about other ways to pay your rent.


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Email the team

Contact our Income Management team directly about your rent and payments by emailing income@coastlinehousing.co.uk.


If you need help with Universal Credit, benefits, or other support, please email welfarereform@coastlinehousing.co.uk.


Experian Rental Exchange

The past 12 months have been particularly difficult for many. We have been working positively with our customers who have been impacted by Coronavirus in some way, offering support to get back on their feet.


During this time, we made the decision to cease submitting rent payment information to Experian’s Rental Exchange. The idea behind the Rental Exchange is for customers to gain an online footprint and improve their credit rating in the same way as paying a mortgage and would benefit those who do not have a credit ‘file’ .


However, Coastline have not submitted a payment file to Experian over the last 12 months because we felt that we wanted to protect customers from being further negatively affected. We have taken this opportunity to leave the Rental Exchange and hope that you understand our reasons for this. 

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Hello Lee, can you direct message your contact details (name, address, phone number) to us so we can look into this for you?