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New homes near Falmouth



Welcome to HomeZone from Coastline Housing.

If you are new to Coastline, or an existing customer looking for a transfer, here you can see how to find the right home for you.


We let our vacant properties using two websites - HomeHunt and Cornwall HomeChoice.


We recommend you join both to make sure you have the best chance of being offered a home.


To keep up to date head over to Facebook and like our pages – facebook.com/homezonecoastline and facebook.com/coastlinehousing



This website advertises many of the homes we have available. Click the logo to visit the site and join or head to www.homehunt.co.uk.


Once you’ve done that you can place “bids” on the properties you are interested in. Remember, the “bids” are not about money, they are just the way you let us know of your interest.


You can search for homes by area, and if you are logged in you can set preferences to receive email updates.


Here, you can watch a short video on how to apply for a home with us through HomeHunt:



Cornwall HomeChoice

We also advertise our properties through Cornwall HomeChoice which is run by Cornwall Housing, part of Cornwall Council.


This is also a “bidding” system, but here you can see Coastline properties plus all of those available from other social housing providers in Cornwall.


Visit the HomeChoice website to get registered. If you do not have internet access you can visit Cornwall Council's Information Service, or call 0300 1234 161 to ask for assistance.


Adverts are placed every Thursday with bidding through to the following Monday, but please remember there is no advantage in bidding early.


All properties are let in accordance with Cornwall HomeChoice policies and Coastline Housing’s lettings policy.


New developments

These are advertised in the same way as our vacant properties, so make sure you have registered with HomeHunt and Cornwall HomeChoice.


Most of our new developments will have a local lettings plan attached which explains who is eligible to live in them. This could mean homes are only available to people with close links to a parish.



If you have any questions about the homes we have available, or the application process, please email our Lettings team at lettings@coastlinehousing.co.uk



All properties are let in accordance with our lettings policy. To read it please see our policies page.

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