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Homeless Service stories

Homeless stories


Coastline Homeless and Service has a good record of helping people find homes and get into work or training.


The success stories in this section are from two of the dozens of clients in Cornwall we work with every year.


They have been homeless at different points in their lives, and needed support in a variety of ways.


Susan's story

I spent seven years on the streets of Helston and Penzance in Cornwall.


A support worker tried to get me in the night shelter twice. I didn’t go because I was frightened of change and wasn’t ready. It didn’t help that I had an alcohol problem and was drinking all the time.


On the third referral to the night shelter I decided to go. I turned up at the night shelter drunk. I was asked to walk it off and come back later.


When I came back staff completed all the paperwork with me and asked me about my alcohol problems and what help I needed. I was worried about the night shelter but people were friendly to talk to. I was told I needed to make appointments with Health for the Homeless, Addaction and a resettlement worker which I did. I saw a doctor on the first day.


I was given a single room during my stay at the night shelter which was nice. The house is okay and they keep it repaired.


I stayed there for three weeks and was accepted into supported accommodation. During my time at the shelter I was reassured by staff that accommodation was arranged which put my mind at rest. I wanted to stay in Camborne because it is a nice area and has friendly people and more help is available.


I detoxed myself in supported accommodation as I wanted to see my mum and kids. I haven’t drunk for the past year with just a small relapse in between. Now I am in regular contact with my mum. I see her once a week. I have also contact with my kids.


I have gained first aid and food hygiene certificates through the day centre. I am looking into options at college as I would like to be a support worker and give something back.


Ian's story

My kids have been in Camborne for six years with my ex-partner. I couldn’t stay with them because there was no room.


I came away from there, went to Birmingham, and from Birmingham travelled to different places. I came back to Cornwall to stay here, and I’ve been here ever since.


I did have a property, private accommodation, but I didn’t want it any more.


When I came to the day centre and got to see people they put me into the crisis accommodation. They wrote the forms, signed the forms, and told me they would let me know before I went.


They come out and said to me you’ve got a bed but we don’t know how long for because we have to assess you. Because I used to be an alcoholic. I don’t drink any more. I’ve been sober for a year and five months.


In the crisis accommodation they kept me on for a week to see how I got on, and then they said we’re keeping you. They kept me on because I was okay.


I then got supported accommodation. I have five months left there. I’d like to have a council place.


Give a person an opportunity to show what they can do.

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