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Waging war on rubbish

Two young Coastline customers in Redruth have taken it upon themselves to clear their local area of litter and make a positive difference in their community.


Amelia and Lily-May, both aged 9, were fed up of seeing cans stuffed in hedges, pieces of plastic coating public footpaths and bits of debris strewn across a nearby public playing field.


They decided to go on a litter-pick in the local vicinity to put things right.


Amelia’s mother, Charlotte Tierney, said: “After filling a carrier bag with rubbish and items to be recycled, they went out again to clean and tidy up further. Their haul consisted of: cans, plastic wrappers, plastic film, plastic bottles, crisp packets, plastic packaging from parcels and newspaper.”


Amelia recently went on a beach-clean with Trewirgie School as part of a topic on sustainability. She was keen to keep the safety gloves allocated for the clean up in order to re-use them for the future.


In an email to us at Coastline, Charlotte added: “I think you’ll agree they have both worked extremely hard towards keeping the area respectable, clean, safe and tidy for everyone in the local community. Their actions were not only selfless and self-generated, but also thoughtful and considerate towards the environment in which locals walk their small children and pets. I am very proud of their input towards keeping the community tidy as well as their intentions to recycle all materials where possible.”


We are proud of you here at Coastline Housing too. Well done!

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