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Together with Tenants


An exciting initiative from the National Housing Federation that Coastline is developing.

The aim is to strengthen the relationship between Coastline and our customers who live in our homes.


Key aspects are:

  1. A change to the National Housing Federation’s Code of Governance - Boards will agree to be accountable to all customers
  2. The Trust Charter - a clear set of commitments for customers on what they can expect from Coastline (see details below)
  3. Customer oversight and scrutiny of the Trust Charter - so customers know exactly what to expect from it and how to hold us to account
  4. A closer link with regulation - customers’ reporting on performance will inform the NHF whether Coastline is compliant with consumer standards


The Trust Charter - Coastline's commitments:


Treat all customers with respect in all our interactions. Relationships with customers will be based on openness, honesty, transparency and respect.



Give our customers clear, accessible and timely information on issues that matter to them, including important information about their homes and community, how Coastline is working to address problems, how Coastline is run, and information about performance on key issues.


Decision making

Listen to our customers views and use this information to inform decisions. Every individual customer will feel listened to by Coastline on the issues that matter to them, and can speak without fear.



Encourage and empower customers to independently scrutinise and hold Coastline to account for the decisions taken that affect the quality of their homes and the services they receive.



Provide customers with homes of a good quality, which are well maintained, safe and well managed.


When things go wrong

Give customers simple and accessible routes for raising issues, making complaints and seeking redress. Customers will receive timely advice and support when things go wrong.


How your voice will be heard

Over the coming weeks we will be talking to customers face to face and online, to ensure that they shape the Trust Charter commitment to reflect local priorities in Cornwall. Longer term, customers will be invited to get involved with holding Coastline to account, and ensuring that we live up to the Trust Charter commitments.


Coastline has joined as one of 120 early adopters nationally, and has been chosen as one of ten housing associations to work closely with the National Housing Federation, researching how successful the initiative is.


We will be launching the Trust Charter in spring 2020, so look out for information about special events.


More information can be found at www.housing.org.uk/topics/together-with-tenants/ or by talking to members of the Community Investment Team. Get in touch at getinvolved@coastlinehousing.co.uk

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