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Taking stock for Coastline

Darren Cox and Daniel Roberts, Stock Condition Surveyors

We’d like to introduce you to Daniel Roberts and Darren Cox, two of our newest Surveyors here at Coastline.


Coastline customers will be seeing this friendly duo out and about in our neighbourhoods a lot over the coming months as they have been tasked with carrying out something called a Stock Condition Survey.


A Stock Condition Survey is an exercise we carry out every five years to check the structural condition of your home and see if anything needs fixing. It’s really important as it helps us plan how we maintain and improve your homes in the future.


It’s also a great chance for you to report any outstanding repairs to us to make sure your property is in tip-top health. Think of it as a wellbeing check for your home!


To carry out the survey, Darren or Daniel will need to look at the both the outside and inside of your home. They will be looking at things like your kitchen, bathroom, windows, doors and roof, to decide when you might need these things replacing with new ones. This may take up to 45 minutes and it will not cause you any disruption.


Our surveyors do not need to lift carpets or move furniture, although they will need to look into your roof space to check for things like damp or leaks. The survey will also involve taking some general photos of the property for our records.


There is no need to tidy up on our account! This isn’t an inspection of the contents of your home, we simply need to check the structure of the building and some of its fixtures and fittings.


Darren and Daniel will both be wearing Coastline ID badges and will show them to you when they arrive at your home.


It’s important that you allow them to carry out their survey if you are home, as we do need to check each and every one of our homes are still safe and comfortable to live in for you, the customer.


If you are out when they call, Darren and Daniel will leave a card so that you can book a different appointment at a time to suit you.


Thanks for your understanding – and keep an eye out for Darren and Daniel in your neighbourhood.


As always, if you have any queries or would like more details, please give us a call on 01209 200200.

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