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Quintrell Downs

Quintrell Downs

A development of 140 homes.


Shared Ownership:

  • Six 2 bed three-person houses
  • Eleven 2 bed four-person houses 
  • Four 3 bed four-person houses
  • Seven 3 bed five-person houses
  • Two 4 bed five-person houses 

Affordable Rent and Rent to Buy:

  • Thirty-six 1 bed two-person homes (twenty-four of which are flats)
  • Six 2 bed three-person homes (four of which are flats)
  • Eight 2 bed four-person houses 
  • Five 3 bed four-person houses
  • Four 3 bed five-person houses 
  • Two 4 bed five-person houses 

Open Market:

  • Twelve 2 bed four-person houses 
  • Thirteen 3 bed four-person houses
  • Fourteen 3 bed five-person houses 
  • Ten 4 bed five-person houses

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