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Hospital discharge project

As part of the National Housing Federation's Homes at the Heart week, we would like to share this case study. It's about how Coastline's Hospital Discharge Project helped turn life around for this client in Cornwall.


Coastline received a referral for a client who had, over a period of years, been in and out of crisis accommodation with various providers.


With a history of complex mental health needs, the situation became too much and, whilst in local authority temporary accommodation, the client attempted suicide. Thankfully intervention came at the right time and the client was provided with specialist in-patient mental health support.


During their admission, Shelter proactively worked to secure appropriate move on accommodation for when the client was ready to leave.


The client’s referral was received and accepted by Coastline’s Hospital Discharge Project (HDP). The client moved into a community based two-bedroom bungalow in December 2016. Recognising the potential detriment to the client’s wellbeing and mental health of being unable to bring their dog to the property, it was arranged for permission to be given in advance to moving.


When first arriving at HDP, the client was very reliant on mental health services and the support of Coastline staff, requiring constant re-assurance. Support was provided throughout the week by Coastline’s team which included evenings and weekends. This support took the form of both emotional and practical support. Staff made daily visits and phone calls and, through the support, the client's emotional health improved, resulting in increased feelings of independence and self-confidence.


Through this increased confidence, the client started accessing activities delivered by Coastline, taking great enjoyment in attending the weekly art workshops. Feeling inspired, the client went on to identify an art course with a local college and enrolled on this. With time, they also re-connected with their dad, re-building their relationship, spending more time with him and important building social networks. The client was supported to access Citizens Advice in order to obtain advice about managing debt and ensuring that the correct benefits were being claimed.


Positively, the client was able to secure a self-contained flat with the Local Authority giving great stability and a positive outcome for the individual.


A fantastic example of how a secure, stable home with the right level of support, can turn dark days into bright ones. 

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