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Homes for nature

Social landlord Coastline Housing has implemented new wildlife biodiversity measures for all its new developments.


The measures set out the ways in which Coastline expects contractors to make way for birds, bees, bats, hedgehogs and insects alongside its new customers.


Coastline is asking developers to leave hedgehog gaps in new fences, use bee bricks, install bat tubes and bird boxes in properties and plant flowering lawn mixes.


Amy Jenkin, Development Manager at Coastline Housing, said: “We hope that embedding these standards into the very start of any construction agreement really helps local wildlife – even if only in a small way.


“Something like a bee brick can simply be used in replacement of a normal brick in the exterior wall of a house build and, as long as it is positioned on a warm, sunny, unobtrusive spot on a south facing wall. It’s incredibly simple to do but can provide a great artificial habitat for non-aggressive solitary bees.”


CD shaped hedgehog ‘gateways’ in all fences in new build areas will give hedgehogs the ability to commute around new developments and using lawn feed that has some wildflower seeds in it will provide fodder for the bee and insect community.


Coastline has also recommended bird boxes that can be installed flush against an external wall, under the shelter or eaves or overhanging roofs and bat ‘tubes’ which can be installed in a similar way.


Amy adds: “We look forward over the coming years to hearing from our customers about which furry and flying friends have decided to take up residence in our new builds. We think it is incredibly important for new housing developments to make a positive connection with nature and increase the availability of habitats for local wildlife. Everyone should have the chance to connect with some wildlife in the world around them.”

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