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Help and advice


Support from Coastline Housing and other organisations.



There are many organisations offering a wide range of support - from health, to money and benefits, work and more.


Whatever help or advice you need, you may well find a useful contact on our wellbeing page.


Homes for Ukraine Scheme


If you're a Coastline customer thinking about sponsoring refugees as part of the Homes for Ukraine scheme, here are a few things to remember:

  • You must ask for permission from Coastline, as you would for any long-term guest or lodger, and you should not make your home overcrowded
  • The sponsorship arrangement has to remain in place for at least 12 months
  • If you are claiming benefits, you need to let Housing Benefit or Universal Credit know, although this should not affect your claim

The Refugee Council website has lots more information about Homes for Ukraine and ways you can help here.


Domestic abuse/violence

Coastline believes that none of its customers or their households should live in fear of violence or abuse from a current or former spouse or partner or any other member of their household. Coastline will assist and support any person suffering from or threatened with violence. Committing an act of domestic abuse is a specific breach of tenancy and Coastline will take action against those that perpetrate domestic abuse.


We can offer confidential advice through your chosen method of contact. We will then work with you and relevant external agencies to address this, and provide further support through extra security on your home and more. For further details, you can view our Domestic Abuse Policy.

Anti-social behaviour

To report any crime you should contact Devon & Cornwall Police on 101, or call 999 in an emergency.


We recognise that neighbour problems can be extremely distressing for the people who have to live through them. However, with about 5,000 households, we cannot get involved with every single problem and we would expect you to have tried your best to resolve it before you approach us. Problems also differ – some may involve clear breaches of the tenancy agreement, whereas others may involve situations not entirely connected with the property.


Coastline will take appropriate and proportionate action to try and resolve issues, and if we have the evidence and support to enable us to act, then we will do everything possible to resolve the situation.


For full details please read our knowledge base article.


Hate crime

The first thing to do is to ensure you are in a place of safety, and report this as a crime to the Police via the 101 phone number. If you are in immediate danger then call 999.


Contact us to provide details of the incident and the alleged perpetrator. We will contact you within 24 hours of a hate crime being reported to us and agree an action plan, which can include how we will support you, external agencies we will work with, and more.


You can read more about hate crimes and how we deal with them in our knowledge base.


Safeguarding – concerns for adults or children

If you have witnessed something that gives you cause for concern, you must report this immediately.


For the welfare of a child, please visit the Cornwall Council child protection page.


For the welfare of an adult, please visit the this Cornwall Council safeguarding adults page.


If the concern relates to someone in one of our properties, you should first raise the alert to one of the above options and then make us aware so we can work in liaison with the appropriate agencies. You can contact us through My Coastline on this website or the My Coastline app for Apple, Android and Amazon,



Cuckooing is when a drug dealer moves into the home of someone vulnerable to store and sell drugs. The person will choose someone they can scare, bully and control. They will seem friendly at first.


In our knowledge base you can find out the signs you should look out for and what you should do if you have concerns about someone.


Tenancy fraud

Tenancy fraud including actions such as sub-letting, false applications, and non-occupations. It costs the taxpayer billions of pounds, and denies access to those with a genuine housing need.


Coastline Housing's aim is to ensure that we make the best use of our housing. Tenancy Fraud is illegal and unfair, and can mean people in genuine housing need are left waiting longer for a home.


See our knowledge base article to find out how you can help, and what Coastline will do when tenancy fraud is reported to us.


If you suspect someone is committing other forms of benefit fraud, such as having people live in the property with them that shouldn’t be there, please visit the National Benefit Fraud Hotline page for contact details.


Permission to keep pets

Coastline is happy to provide permission for pets in our homes, as long as it meets the requirements set out in our Pet Policy. The table within the Pet Policy sets out whether permission is needed for new and additional animals. If you exceed the permitted number of pets, you will need to seek further permission from us. If the pets in your home cause any nuisance or contribute to a poorer property condition, we can revoke any permission you have to keep pets and ask that they are removed.


Sometimes, re-homing centres will require a letter from us to confirm you are allowed to keep pets in your home. If this is the case, please contact us and we will issue this letter for you.

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