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Customer Voice


Our new online customer feedback space

Customer Voice is designed to make it much easier for you to give us feedback about the services we provide.


Hear about how you can get involved from the start, with our Chief Executive Allister Young.



Most Customer Voice members live in our homes. The interactive space is where teams across Coastline upload information and topics with requests for your feedback.


With an accessible membership process, you can take part in as many reviews as you wish. The group looks at data and documents, and identifies potential improvements. Formal recommendations and findings are presented to a committee of senior managers, which feeds into our Board.


Heads of department are responsible for implementing the recommendations and feeding back to Customer Voice members on any progress made. Reviews and results are published in our CoastLines magazine and on our website.


Each month we have a £20 One4All e-voucher to give away as a thank you. Simply share feedback with us to be entered into the monthly prize draw.


Interested? Visit www.coastlineconversation.co.uk to join now!

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