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Complaints procedure


Coastline Housing is committed to providing a high standard, quality service to all its customers and clients in an efficient, effective and economic way, within the available resources.


You can complain if you think:

  • We failed to do something we should have done
  • We did something wrong or to a poor standard

Please do not use our formal complaints system if you:

  • Want information about part of our services
  • Are asking for a service from us
  • Want to talk to us about a problem with your neighbours or other residents

Instead, please send us a message using our online service My Coastline:

Two stage procedure

If you would like or need some additional support or assistance with this process,  a ‘Complaint Mentor’ can be put in touch with you from a panel of trained customer volunteers from our Customer Voice group.  Simply ask to speak to the Assistant Company Secretary who will arrange this for you. 


Stage 1


  1. Your complaint will be acknowledged by the Assistant Company Secretary within two working days from receipt.
  2. The acknowledgement will confirm who the Investigating Manager of your complaint will be. This Manager will arrange to visit you, or speak to you if you would prefer us not to visit, to ensure they have all the information required in order to undertake a thorough investigation. A full reply will then be sent to you (by email or letter) within 10 working days.
  3. If you remain unhappy with the reply, you have the option to request that your complaint is reviewed by a Panel at Stage 2. You simply need to contact the Assistant Company Secretary within 15 working days to request progression with a brief explanation of why you remain dissatisfied. 


Stage 2


  1. Once we receive a request to progress a complaint to Stage 2, your request will be acknowledged by the Assistant Company Secretary within two working days of receipt. 
  2. A Panel Review will be held within 15 working days from receipt of your request. We will liaise with you regarding a convenient date as it is important that you attend so the Panel are able to talk to you direct. You are welcome to bring a (non-legal) friend, family member or your Complaint Mentor with you for support as we understand this can seem like a rather daunting experience. We just ask that you advise the Assistant Company Secretary in advance who will be attending.   
  3. The Panel will consist of the relevant Service Director, a Customer Member from our Customer Experience Committee and a Non-Executive Director who will Chair the Panel.
  4. At the Panel Review you will be given the opportunity to meet privately with the Panel to advise why you have not been satisfied with the investigations or findings so far. This is an opportunity for you to outline in your own words how the complaint has affected you any other impact the decisions made to date have had on you.  
  5. After you leave the Panel Review the Panel may wish to speak to the Investigating Manager at Stage 1 to find out how decisions around their findings were made. 
  6. Following the Panel a full written response will be sent to you (by letter or email) by the Panel Chair within ten working days. 
  7. Once Stage 2 has been completed our internal Complaints Procedures have been exhausted. However if you remain dissatisfied you have the right to refer your complaint to the Housing Ombudsman Service or a Designated Person such as an MP, Councillor or a Complaint Panel for independent review. Details of both the Housing Ombudsman and Designated Persons can be found at www.housing-ombudsman.org.uk or on 0300 111 3000.
  8. After stages 1 and 2 are completed a survey will be sent to you asking you to rate the ‘handling’ of your complaint.  The ‘handling’ of your complaint is different to the events which lead to your making a complaint and to any outcomes proposed and refers only to whether we have followed the procedure and timescales as set out above. Your feedback on this will be greatly appreciated and will be used to improve the complaints journey for other customers in the future, so we hope you take the opportunity to let us know how we performed.


Our full complaints policy is available on the policies page.


Customers have the right to refer their complaint for early advice to the Housing Ombudsman Service. Find out more in the Complaint Handling Code or make contact by phone, letter, or through the website:




Housing Ombudsman Service
PO Box 152

L33 7WQ


0300 111 3000


Online complaints form

Please click here, fill in the information and press submit. The details will be sent straight to our Complaints Officer.


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