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100 years young!

A Porthleven resident who turns 100 this weekend (6th July) says she believes the secret to a long and happy life is “plenty of fresh food!”


Joan Knight, who lives in a Coastline Housing property, was presented with a bouquet of flowers by Allister Young, Chief Executive Officer of the housing charity, to congratulate her on reaching such a great milestone.


Originally from Buckinghamshire, Joan moved to Cornwall with her husband Ron, a Master Builder, in the early 70s and they ran the Atlantic Hotel on The Lizard.


After a short spell back in Buckinghamshire due to her husband’s health, Joan once more returned to her beloved Cornwall where she has lived ever since.


She enjoys spending time with her wonderful and loving family, which includes one daughter, 3 granddaughters, 2 great-granddaughters, 3 great-great-granddaughters and 1 great-great-grandson.


Joan is also a keen knitter and likes gardening and watching Wimbledon, explaining that she always likes to keep busy. Some years back, she also used to make Buckinghamshire lace.


During World War Two, Joan undertook some work in her local bar where she remembers serving the resting pilots recovering from bombing missions. She says: “I can remember Victory night clearly, the Canadian airman heard the news and were dancing on the tables in joy. I had only just laid the tables up!”


More recently, Joan and her family will be known to those in the Crowntown area where they ran the Crown Inn pub for a time. During this period, Joan used to cook all the food for guests, including feasts for the 80-seater carvery sessions.


Joan plans to spend her birthday with family at home in Porthleven.

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