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Complaints procedure

Coastline Housing is committed to providing a high standard, quality service to all its customers and clients in an efficient, effective and economic way, within the available resources.


You can complain if you think:

  • We failed to do something we should have done
  • We did something wrong or to a poor standard

Please do not use our formal complaints system if you:

  • Want information about part of our services
  • Are asking for a service from us
  • Want to talk to us about a problem with your neighbours or other residents

Instead, please send us a message using our online service My Coastline:

Three stage procedure


Stage one

The Complaints Officer will acknowledge receipt of you complaint within two working days from receipt. The reply will include the name and position of the member of staff who will be investigating the complaint over the next ten working days.


Stage two

If you are not satisfied with the reply you have received at stage one, you may ask for your complaint to be investigated by an appropriate senior manager at stage two who will investigate the decision in full within ten working days.


Stage three

If you remain dissatisfied with the outcome of your complaint at stage two, you may ask for your complaint to be investigated by a panel consisting of the relevant Service Director, another member of the Executive Team and a relevant Non-Executive Director. The Complaints Officer will acknowledge the date of the panel meeting which will be convened within 15 working days from request of progression to stage three. The panel will be chaired by the Non-Executive Director.


At stage three you will be given the opportunity to attend and state your case. A full reply will be sent to you from the chair of the panel within ten working days.


In the unlikely event that, once the three stage procedure has been exhausted, your complaint has not been addressed to your satisfaction, you may complain to the Housing Ombudsman Service. Telephone 0300 111 3000 or visit the website.


Our full complaints policy is available on the policies page.


Online complaints form

Please click here, fill in the information and press submit. The details will be sent straight to our Complaints Officer.


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