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Coastline Housing is committed to ensuring that this site is accessible to the widest possible audience and is as easy to navigate as practical. All visitors, regardless of age, technical competence or physical ability should be able to successfully use the website. The information below explains ways in which the user can change how their computer or web browser operates to make it easier to view.

Some content on this site is provided in downloadable forms such as Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files, for example copies of our customer newsletters and corporate documents. If you have problems accessing these or any other information on our site, please contact us.

Text Resizing

Any visitor wishing to increase or decrease the size of the text displayed can do so by clicking on the 'larger/smaller' button on the top of the site pages, alternatively you can user your browsers built in resize functionality.

Most modern browsers have settings which allow users to change the size of text, or change the page-zoom.*

Shortcut to zoom in or increase text size:

(On Windows) Hold 'Ctrl' and tap the '+' key.

(On Mac) Hold 'Cmd' and tap the '+' key.

Shortcut to zoom out or decrease text size:

(On Windows) Hold 'Ctrl' and tap the '-' key.

(On Mac) Hold 'Cmd' and tap the '-' key.

In order to revert the text size to the original size:

(On Windows) Hold 'Ctrl' and tap the '0' key.

(On Mac) Hold 'Cmd' and tap the '0' key.

Readable Text

This site is written using HTML, which means that the page can be read as plain text for those with page styling (CSS) disabled in their browser settings, or if a visitor is using a screenreader.

An extensive list of screenreaders is available on Wikipedia, but a few free examples are shown below for three internet browsers. Coastline does not recommend any particular software.


Text to Speech - free and simple to use software for download

NaturalReader - free software that works with Windows and other computer programs


ChromeVox - free and easy to install reader from Google


FireVox - free extension to download

Text and background colours

It is possible to change the colours displayed in your browser if you find them difficult to read by clicking the change colour icons at the top of the site pages. Alternatively, you can do this via your browser settings.

For information on how to make adjustments to the text and colours of this website please visit http://www.w3.org/WAI/changedesign. The BBC also has excellent guides on how to make the web more accessible to your needs. http://www.bbc.co.uk/accessibility/guides/

*Examples of modern browsers are the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome

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