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Supported accommodation

Coastline Homeless and Social Exclusion Service manages supported accommodation houses in Camborne, Pool and Redruth.


These are shared houses for single homeless adults which are monitored by support staff.


Supported housing means living in accommodation where you have your own bedroom but you share a bathroom, kitchen and living room with your housemates.


As part of your licence agreement to stay you must engage with Coastline Homeless and Social Exclusion Service staff, and keep to the licence agreement. You will have a support worker allocated who will help you create a support plan and make sure you follow it.


We have nine supported houses, each of which has a different number of rooms and facilities.


We provide things like general furniture and vacuum cleaners, but it is your responsibility to replace items including cleaning products. If you think this might be challenging please speak to your support worker for advice.


In our four medium support homes you are expected to stay no longer than five months. At the 25 low support houses you are not expected to stay longer than 12 months. Your maximum overall stay is not expected to be longer than two years.


Once you have moved into independent accommodation we can support you for a further three months.

The is a great house we can call our home and we look forward to many years renting from Coastline.
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