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Rent To Buy

If you dream of buying your own home but find it difficult to save for a deposit, Rent To Buy with Coastline Housing may be the ideal first step.


These 20 beautiful new properties on the upcoming World Heritage Heartlands site in Pool are available to rent at a specially reduced rate, giving you the chance to save toward the all-important deposit.


Once you have saved that deposit, you can buy the property and really make it a home of your own.


Now fully reserved

All the Rent To Buy homes are now reserved, but you are welcome to email us your details in case this situation changes or plans are developed for a new Rent To Buy scheme.


How Rent To Buy works

New homes built especially for this scheme are available exclusively from Coastline Housing. It is designed to help people local to the increasingly popular area of Pool get on the housing ladder.


When you Rent To Buy you pay an affordable 80% of the market rent. That enables you to save the other 20% for a deposit to buy the home you are renting.


After seven years these homes will be made available to buy, at which time you have the opportunity to use your deposit to secure a mortgage.


Find out more

Read our full Heartlands brochure now, or download a copy at the foot of this page.



We are here to help so please email our dedicated team if you have any questions or would like to register your interest.


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