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This site is intended for Coastline staff only, to allow remote access for Coastline Systems.

Instructions & Help

Instructions and Help

For help and guidance on how to use this service, please click on the link above for more information.



Desktops & Applications

Desktops and Applications

Windows XP users using this service for the first time click here!

Click on the above link if you wish to launch a desktop to Coastline Housing to run applications such as UHM and Outlook etc. This is similar to the old Citrix Desktop. If you require instructions then click on the link to the left. By clicking on the above link you are agreeing to the disclaimer below.


Outlook Web Access

Outlook Web Access

If you dont wish to have a full Desktop but want to use Outlook Web Access, click on the link above. Outlook web access is a web based version of outlook. Note that only Interenet Explorer will give you the full features of Outlook. Other browsers may not display all elements of Outlook, but may still work.


Email the IT Helpdesk

Email the IT Helpdesk

If you are experiencing a problem with this or any other IT service you can email the IT Helpdesk from here. Click on the link above to email us.



You are about to access a computer owned by Coastline Housing Ltd.
To use this computer you require written authorisation from the organisation and are strictly limited in your usage according to the Acceptable Use Policy. Unauthorised access or misuse is forbidden and will constitute an offence under the Computer Misuse Act 1990. Coastline Housing Ltd reserves the right to monitor all emails and internet access. All internet usage and external emails are monitored for inappropriate content. When leaving your desk for a long period of time you are advised to log off the system. If you are leaving your desk for a short period of time ensure you save your work and lock your workstation. PC's found logged on and unattended will be shutdown by IT staff. Access to these systems will be taken as acceptance of the above.

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