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Inspiring Futures

Supporting you with confidence, training, funding and employment opportunities to get into work.

inspiring futures is a complete support package to enable every Coastline customer to improve their financial wellbeing by accessing:

  • Support
  • Training
  • Funding
  • Employment opportunities

Please contact Nicki or Leanna on 01209 200200, or email backtowork@coastlinehousing.co.uk. You can also send us a message through Facebook and Twitter.

Coming Soon... inspiring futures 'Smart Tenant' project, supporting customers' financial wellbeing for the future. Check back here for updates!

inspiring futures magazine

Click below to read the inspiring futures magazine, or you can download a copy at the foot of this page.

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'if' you need support

Coastline understands that it can be difficult for customers to fulfil their aspirations when there are other issues affecting day to day lives. The support offered in the inspiring futures package aims to help customers overcome these issues and move forward in their journey back into work.

Support available includes:

  • One to one support
  • Individual debt advice
  • Foodbank vouchers
  • Winter wellbeing
  • Disability support
  • Access to Children's Centres and their services
  • Budgeting
  • Mental health
  • Getting online
  • Universal Credit
  • Benefits
  • Other financial support

'if' you need training

Coastline works with the following partners to provide customers with all their training and up-skilling needs in order to get back into work.

If you are on Job Seekers Allowance, Universal Credit or any other means tested benefit you can often access these for free.

'if' you need funding

if... you have been out of work for a long period of time and are looking for financial support to build your confidence in order to get back into work.

if... you are looking for financial support while training to help you get back into work.

if... you are looking for financial support to help you make a new start by re-skilling.

Then… inspiring futures can support you to access the financial support you need whilst you learn.

'if' you are looking for employment opportunities

Coastline works with the following people and agencies to offer customers a wide variety of employment opportunities.

  • Universal Job Match Champions
  • Local Job Clubs
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Apprenticeships
  • Coastline work placements

What makes inspiring futures work is all the fantastic agencies and people Coastline have built partnerships with. These partnerships enable Coastline to support customers to improve their financial wellbeing by accessing training, up-skilling and providing opportunities to get back into work.

You can access our partner agency websites by clicking the logos at the bottom of this page.

Please don't forget to contact Nicki or Leanna on 01209 200200, or via backtowork@coastlinehousing.co.uk for further information on any of the opportunities. Alternatively have a look at our inspiring futures brochure.

We are here to help!


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