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New homes for St Tudy

Coastline Housing has started work on building 21 new homes in the village of St Tudy, thanks to the support of local residents.


The homes will comprise a mix of bungalows and houses of varying sizes for both affordable rent and shared ownership. An affordable rented home means that residents will pay no more than 80% of the amount they would do so in the private rental market.


Whilst St Tudy Parish Council was originally unsupportive of the scheme, as official figures from Cornwall Homechoice revealed housing need in the village of only 17 households, local residents took the initiative and rallied round to demonstrate a different side to the story.


Sara Hodges, Development Manager, explains: “Although the official figures didn’t reveal a particularly high housing need, local residents firmly suspected this was only the tip of the iceberg and decided to do their own informal survey to see whether there was more of a need.”


The hidden housing need revealed itself extremely quickly as residents got out and about to talk to neighbours in the area. Villagers in support of the scheme then submitted a petition with 100 signatures on to Cornwall Council’s planning department, along with letters of support from local employers and the local pre-school, urging them to take into account the hidden housing need in the area and the importance of keeping the village alive by providing homes for future generations. They explained that the cheapest open market home in the village was currently being advertised for sale at £325,000 and that there was a desperate need for more housing to ensure the future growth of the village.


One resident entered a planning comment in support of the scheme stating: “We moved to St Tudy 39 years ago. It was then a traditional village with people of all ages and backgrounds living here with lots of children filling the school. There were hardly any holiday homes. We have gradually seen that change and the lack of affordable homes to buy or rent is pushing the next generation out of the village.


“The application presents a unique opportunity to redress that imbalance and unfairness. We urge the planning committee to take it.”


Sara adds: “It was fantastic to see such strong support for more housing from so many people in the locality and this is a fascinating case as it is no doubt representative of the hidden housing need present across many parts of the county as a whole.


“Many people in Cornwall will have despaired of ever part-owning their own home or renting one at an affordable level so will not even have considered registering as being in housing need. More and more though, social housing is becoming the tenure of choice for a much wider part of society given the increasingly prohibitive costs of buying a home on the private market. It was great to see local residents and professionals in St Tudy recognising this and adding their voices to the campaign.”


Following planning approval from Cornwall Council, the landlord has started work on the development with contractor Gilbert and Goode.


Coastline has received £840,000 of grant funding from Cornwall Council for the development in St Tudy.


Anyone interested in renting a home there or getting more information about shared ownership properties on the site should visit the 'rent a home' and 'buy a home' sections of this site and follow our Facebook page for the latest updates. 

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